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Grainland Moree supplies the full range of cereal, pulse, summer crop or pasture seed varieties as Viterra, AGT, Seednet, Pacific Seeds, SeedCell and Heritage Seeds agents as well as supplying our own propriety seed lines.

All seed lines are of commercial quality with germination and vigour tests available on request. Seed is available in 25kg, 1 ton bulka bags or bulk. Some varieties are protected by Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) and may attract End Point Royalties. Pasture seed is available by the kilogram in most cases.

For pricing and availability of seed or look at our Product Manuals page for Fact Sheets and Variety Guides alternately you can email us at admin@grainland.com.au or phone on 02 67521511

Wheat Varieties

Lancer - Lancer can be planted a week earlier than Gregory and has APH classification in Northern and South Eastern Zones (All NSW and QLD) Lancer has a solid grain package with good protein delivery, good grain size and low screenings with solid stripe rust resistance package based on APR(MR) very good resistance to Stem(R) and Leaf rust (R-MR) Shorter canopy height with good resistance to lodging Performs well under crown rot pressure. Pacific Seeds

Suntop -  Suntop was launched at the Tulloona Conservation Farming Group Field Day in northern NSW. Suntop was bred and selected by AGT's PBI Narrabri based wheat breeding team and is suitable to all environments across NSW and Queensland. Suntop is a Australian Prime Hard (APH) quality wheat variety that has recorded the highest yields in independent trials and offers one of the best disease resistance packages available is set to go to the top of the list for New South Wales and Queensland growers. AGT Seeds.

Spitfire - Spitfire is a high yielding early mid maturing variety similar to Baxter. Spitfire has a final APH classification in Queensland and Northern NSW. It has a large grain size, similar to Ellison, larger than Ventura and Livingston and consistent high grain protein . The line was first entered into National Variety Trials in 2008 and has been a consistent top performer since then. The 2012 season will be the first major commercial release of Spitfire. Pacific Seeds.

Sunlin - Awnless. Prime Hard quality. Excellent sprouting tolerance and grain retention in the head at harvest. Moderately resistant to stripe, stem and leaf rust. Moderately susceptible–susceptible to crown rot. Resistant–moderately susceptible to common root rot, moderately resistant–moderately susceptible to yellow leaf spot and Septoria tritici blotch. Very susceptible to RLN (P. thornei). Susceptible to black point. Some frost tolerance. AGT and Seedmark

Gregory - Prime Hard quality in NNSW. Australian Hard in CNSW and SNSW. Similar maturity, straw strength and height to Batavia and Strzelecki. Good lodging resistance. Resistant to leaf rust, moderately resistant to stem and stripe rust. Good tolerance and resistance to RLN ( P. thornei ). Moderately susceptible–susceptible to crown rot and yellow leaf spot, moderately resistant to common root rot. Pacific Seeds.

Elmore CL Plus (Clearfield) - An early to mid maturing line with Clearfield® Plus technology, which provides tolerance to label rates of Intervix® herbicide. The line has an adaptation pattern similar to Janz and is expected to perform well in moderate to high yield potential areas in NSW, providing an alternative strategy for in crop weed control. Elmore CL Plus has moderate resistance to stripe and leaf rust, and a high resistance to stem rust. A final quality classification in NSW is pending; however the variety currently holds a default classification of APW. AGT.

Caparoi (Durum) - A mid season maturity, semi-dwarf durum variety with excellent yield potential. Grain quality better than Wollaroi, similar to Jandaroi but slightly lower than EGA_Bellaroi. Caparoi has improved, dough strength compared to EGA_Bellaroi. Resistant–moderately resistant to stem rust, moderately resistant–moderately susceptible to leaf rust and moderately resistant to stripe rust. Moderately resistant to yellow leaf spot and RLN (P. thornei). Very susceptible to crown rot. Adequate resistance to common root rot and black point. Good lodging and shedding resistance. Seednet.

Jandaroi (Durum) - Quick maturity durum adapted to most durum producing regions. Grain quality is similar to EGA_Bellaroi and superior to Wollaroi. Erect, semi-dwarf plant type. Very prone to lodging under high-yield conditions in SNSW. Rated moderately resistant to leaf rust, resistant to stem rust, moderately resistant to stripe rust, resistant to yellow leaf spot, resistant to RLN . Seednet.

Barley Varieties

Grange - Barley Australia accredited malt variety (March 2013) with High yield potential. Medium / late maturity – similar to Gairdner and Baudin with Medium / short plant height. Grange has excellent straw strength and resistance to lodging with large kernel size and high test weight. Grange Barley has a broad adaptation to all barley growing areas across Australia with high malt extract.

Commander - Malt. A malting quality variety with low to medium fermentability, suitable for domestic and some export brewing markets. Mid to late maturing. Plump grain size compared to other malting varieties. CCN resistant. May lodge under high yield conditions. First malting variety released following the formation of Barley Breeding Australia. Viterra.

Scope CL (Clearfield) - Malt. Scope is a moderately tall variety with good straw strength and good head retention. In the eastern states Scope is described as an early to mid season variety with a suggested sowing time between mid May and late June. Mid May in low rainfall regions and June in mid - high rainfall regions, particularly in situations of high biomass production. In WA Scope is described as a tall variety with medium maturity, fair straw strength and moderate head retention. Scope has similar disease resistance to Buloke. It has resistance to Powdery mildew and Net form of net blotch but in NSW and VIC it is rated lower than Buloke for Scald resistance. It is also susceptible to Leaf rust

Shepherd (Feed) - Slightly later maturing than Grout, but similar in growth habit with erect vigorous early growth. Suited to the medium rainfall areas of NNSW and Qld. Resistant to leaf rust and has improved resistance to powdery mildew over Gairdner, Fitzroy and Commander. Reasonable resistance to the net form of net blotch, similar to Commander and an improvement over Binalong, Grimmett, Mackay and Tallon. Susceptible to the spot form of net blotch. AWB Seeds.

Chickpea Varieties

PBA Boundary - represents a further improvement in Ascochyta blight resistance for desi chickpea varieties suited to Northern NSW and Southern Qld. It is broadly adapted to this region and has shown a consistent and significant yield advantage over recently released varieties. PBA Boundary has similar plant and seed type characteristics to PBA HatTrick and Jimbour

HatTrick - New release Moderately resistant/resistant (MR/R) to Ascochyta, superior to Flipper. Moderately resistant (MR) to phytophthora root rot, more resistant than Jimbour but less than Yorker. High yielding variety across chickpea growing regions of northern NSW and southern QLD, recommended and suited to areas north of Parkes. Tall, erect plant type with mid-season maturity, equivalent to Jimbour. Medium sized desi seed suited to the direct human consumption market. Developed by Pulse Breeding Australia (PBA). Marketed by AWB Seeds with seed available through AWB Seeds agents.


Crystal - The latest variety of large, green-seeded mungbean broadly adapted to all mungbean production areas, and the most complete package of yield, quality and agronomy currently available to Australian mungbean growers. Crystal is rated Moderately Resistant to both Tan Spot and Powdery Mildew. Crystal is rated Moderately Susceptible to Halo Blight. This represents the best available suite of disease resistances among current mungbean varieties.

Faba Bean

PBA Warda - Warda has a larger seed than Doza and is almost similar in size to Cairo. Its uniform seed size and colour is superior to that of Cairo, making it acceptable in the human consumption market. PBA Warda is well adapted to northern NSW where it has out-yielded Doza by at least 5% in both rainfed and irrigated trials.