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Grainland was founded in 1993 and offers a diverse range of goods and services including Seed Sales, Grain Augers, Rural Merchandise, Grain Handling Equipment, Machinery Hire, Grain Storage as well as Grain Testing and Sampling Equipment.



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The Handler

The Handler IV is definitely the king of the batch and induction systems on the market today. With two 2” agitators, two lids, 3” manifold fittings, full draining cone-bottomed tank, convenient forklift- ready base and containment tray… the large ground operator, the aerial applicator and the commercial user all love the versatility of the Handler IV.

With a working capacity of 870 LTRs, the Handler IV allows the user to batch mix everything from liquids to dry flowables and powders.  The Handler IV comes complete with all the plumbing required for recirculation with 3” lines, plus a RotoCraft tank rinse nozzle to prevent product contamination. The bottom of the Handler IV is sloped for full drainage, and a special bulkhead at the bottom of each tank ensures complete drainage. With the Handler IV you can fill your sprayer in less time and save money.


Farm King 480 Seed Cleaner

Grain Cleaner

Farm-King Augers

The Farm King model 480 grain cleaner can handle up to 68 tons per hour, depending on moisture content and the amount of dockage. The two-stage screening process and large 1.2 meter diameter drum ensures the trash and fines are thoroughly removed from grain.

Grainland supply the Farm King seed cleaners with Australian made CNC punched percision screens that conform to Grain Trade Australia standards. A large range of screens to suit wheat, chickpea, sunflowers and canola are available with other sizes available on request.  

Powered by a 3-horsepower motor, the Farm King 480 grain cleaner includes a removable  intake auger and a hand-operated jack for in-field operation. Fines are separated from larger screenings and are unloaded from separate chutes. A trash pan collects the screenings. 15" wheels and a full frame transport are included.

Wheatheart GULP Swingaway Auger

The GULP is an low profile drive over hopper that transports with the 13" X Series Wheatheart swingaway augers. The GULP hopper is only 4.5" (11cm) high and is ideal for the quick unloading of B-Double, B-Tripple and Road Trains.

The drive over unit hydraulically lowers and swings into position while the one-touch ramp deployment provides easy setup in minutes. Download the GULP brochure or call us on 02 67521511 for more details.
Wheatheart Augers


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