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Grainland Moree – the grain experts!

The experts at Grainland Moree are the grain handling equipment specialists selling the Farm King, AGI Westfield, REM, Hannaford, GrainAirr, Crop Circle and CropScan ranges. 

Grainland has been importing Farm-King swingaway and conventional grain augers from Canada since 1994 and has been the dealer for AGI Westfield grain handling equipment since 2021.

The Farm King range includes conventional and swingaway augers, pencil augers and drive over grain augers plus rotary grain cleaner and the GCS air-powered grain cleaner. The AGI Westfield range includes transportable, u-trough and swingaway augers, utility augers,  x-tend retracting hoppers and belt conveyors.

The Grainland line-up of equipment has continued to expand over the years with the addition of  REM Grain Vacs, Hannaford Seed Graders, GrainAirr Silo Aerators, Crop Circle Portable Bunkers as well as a full range of Silo Aeration Equipment and CropScan grain testing and sampling equipment.


Grain Auger
Grain Auger
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Only the best from AGI Westfield & Farm King

Known as the workhorse of every operation, Farm King and Westfield conventional grain augers from Grainland are used for truck loading and filling silos or field bins. Both AGI Westfield and Farm King conventional grain augers are available in 8 and 10 inch barrel sizes with lengths ranging from 36 foot to 61 foot.

Drive options for Farm King include Honda or Kohler motors, PTO, and Hydraulic Drive. Manual and Hydraulic mover kits are available for all Farm king augers. AGI Westfield offer two Self-Propelled mover kits, heavy duty and a standard version.

All conventional augers sold by Grainland come with reversing gearbox, Drop Chute and Hopper.

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View Conventional Auger Specifications   -  Download Product Manuals and Brochures


Grain Auger
Grain Auger
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Quality you can rely on from Grainland Moree

Durable and practical augers, the Farm King or AGI Westfield swing away auger ranges are available from Grainland Moree. The most trusted brands on the market, these augers are quality you can rely on.

Lengths start at 50 foot and go right up to 104 foot, with barrel sizes of 10, 13 or 16 inch. The largest auger in the range is the AGI Westfield MKX Swing away auger which is available in 13 and 16 inch barrel sizes with lengths of 84 to 125 foot. The MKX 16 is capable of 10 tonnes per minute. 

All Farm King and AGI Westfield Swing away augers come standard with reverser kit and drop chute. Models Available - 10:60  10:70  10:73  10:80  10:83  /  13:70  13:81  13:84  13:85  13:91  13:94  13:95  13:114  / 16:104  16:105  16:125

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View Swingaway Auger Specifications   -  Download Product Manuals and Brochures


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Quality grain handling for delicate commodities!

For gentle handling of delicate grain and commodities, the AGI Westfield Belt Conveyor is the answer. The quality AGI conveyor is available from Grainland Moree and is built to perform yet engineered to minimizes impact damage and protect grade quality.

With a variety of models from 35 to 120 foot long in various configurations. Drive options include the Pinch S-Drive, Top Drive and Pinch Top Drive.

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Westfield Belt Conveyors Brochure  


Farm King Seed Cleaner

Grainland Moree – your auger specialists!

Quality utility augers are available at Grainland Moree in 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch barrel diameters in various lengths with the option of electric or hydraulic drive. 

The 4 inch basic auger is 11 foot long and comes with an adjustable motor mount, pulley and belt guard. Extensions are available in 5 and 10 foot lengths.

The 6, 8 and 10 inch models come with a 16 foot basic auger complete with motor mount, pulley and belt guard. Extensions are also available in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths.

Utility Augers are suitable for permanent and semi-permanent grain handling installations.

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Utility Auger Product Manuals and Brochures


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Outstanding convenience & quality!

Available at Grainland Moree, AGI Westfield's X-Tend Retracting Hopper offers the outstanding convenience of being able to extend, retract and swing side-to-side without having to move or reposition the truck.

Featuring Dual flighting, this retracting hopper is easy to position under trucks. The hydraulic power swing, heavy duty tyres, precise positioning and maximum traction make this a stand-out piece of equipment.

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Manufactured in Canada & available from Grainland Moree!

Manufactured in Canada and available from Grainland Moree, the Rem Grain Vacuum has established the benchmark for excellence in grain handling and auger safety. This vacuum eliminates dangerous open augers and makes emptying bunkers and flat bottom silos easy.

The REM 3700 has a capacity of approximately 215 tonnes per hour with 7.5 meters of hose and the REM 2700  is capable of 57 tonnes per hour with 7.5 meters of hose.

Grainland have REM Grain Vacs for hire as well as outright sale.

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REM Grain Vac Product Manuals and Brochures


Farm King Seed Cleaner
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Easy to set up, take down and re-use!

Crop Circle portable grain bunkers are easy to set up, take down and re-use. Available from Grainland Moree, there’s no special equipment needed to fill these bunkers.

Capacities range from 200 to 2000 tones. Corrugated 22 gauge galvanised steel panels are used to provide a strong, reusable system for the temporary grain storage.

A choice of 300 or 600 GSM Australian made tarps provide excellent protection from the weather and wildlife. Keep harvesting even when bins and silos are full with the help of the Crop Circle

Crop Circles are available in 29, 40, 51, 62, 70, 77, 90 and 100 foot diameters in either 2 foot or 4 foot high ring heights.

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Crop Circle Brochure and Price List


Farm King Seed Cleaner
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Available from Grainland Moree!

Available from Grainland Moree, the high capacity Farm King model 480 grain cleaner can handle up to 68 tons per hour, depending on moisture content and dockage. The two-stage screening process and large 1.2 meter diameter drum ensures the trash and fines are thoroughly removed from grain.

Grainland supply the Farm King seed cleaners with Australian made CNC punched precision screens that conform to Grain Trade Australia standards. A large range of screens to suit wheat, chickpea, sunflowers and canola are available with other sizes available on request.

Powered by a 3-horsepower motor, the Farm King 480 grain cleaner includes a removable intake auger and a hand-operated jack for in-field operation. Fines are separated from larger screenings and are unloaded from separate chutes. A trash pan collects the screenings. 15" wheels and a full frame transport are included.

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Farm King Product Manuals and Brochures


Grainland Moree supply a large range!

Grainland Moree supply a large range of moisture and protein testers including the Next Instruments Crop Scan 1000B and 1000G models. We also stock Sampling Spears, Grain Sieves, Insect Screens, Scales, Auto Shakers and Vacuum Sampling Equipment. 

CropScan 1000B is a Near Infrared Transmission Analyser designed to measure protein and moisture in whole grains. The 1000B uses a flow through sampling system that is quick, accurate and very simple to use. An optional test weight module is also available to provide hectoliter weight measurement.

CropScan 1000B

The Cropscan Loren 1000G is a Portable On Farm Analyser that provides a reliable means of measuring protein, moisture and oil in wheat, barley and canola. It can be powered from a 12 volt vehicle cigarette lighter socket or 240 volt mains power.

CropScan 1000B

The Wile 65 is simple and fast moisture meter with an easy to read display that guides you while doing the measurements. The display shows the grain type and helps you make the possible settings before measurement. A quick reference guide is located on the side of the meter to remind you of the basic steps in measuring grain.

CropScan 1000B

Dickey-John Mini GAC Moisture Tester -  Easy to use, fast and accurate. Internal scale for test weight and USB port for calibration loading.

CropScan 1000B

Sieve Sizes

Wheat - 2.0mm Slotted
Barley - 2.2mm & 2.5 Slotted
Canola - 1.0mm Round & 3.00mm
Chick Pea - 4mm Slotted
Lupin - 4mm Round
Soya Bean – 3.18 Round
Sunflower – 2.0mm Round
Maize – 4.75 Round 

CropScan 1000B