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Chemtura Rancona C

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1. ... the next generation in seed treatments • Superior c ontrol o f s muts a nd b unt • New s ystemic f ungicide w ith e xcellent s eed s afety • Unique m icro-emulsion f ormulation p roviding; - e ase o f a pplication - e xceptional s eed fl ow - r educed d ust o ff • Impeccable s eedling e mergence a nd e arly p lant v igour • Insecticide f or s tored g rain i nsect c ontrol

2. Chemtura A ustralia P ty L td shall not be liable in an y manner wha tsoever f or er rors, omissions , r esults, loss or damage whether c onsequential or other wise r esulting fr om the use of and/or ac cess t o inf ormation in this T ech T opic. ® Rancona is a registered trademark of Chemtura Corporation C hemtura Australia Pty Ltd Level 7, 435 King W illiam Street Adelaide South Australia 5000 Tel: (08) 8112 0900 Fax: (08) 8112 0999 www.chemtura.com.au (PM338) Always refer to the registered label for complete details Rancona C is proven to be an outstanding seed treatment for wheat, barley and oats. It combines excellent control of smuts, bunt and stored grain insects with impeccable safety to seedling emergence and viability. For superior control of smuts and bunt Ni l t olerance f or s muts a nd b unt m eans c ontrol o f t hese d iseases i s v ital t o p revent r ejection a t d elivery. Ipconazole, t he f ungicide i n R ancona C , h as b oth p reventative a nd c urative a ctivity a gainst f ungi. Rancona C p rovides i mproved c ontrol o f c overed s mut ( common b unt), s eed a nd s oil-borne fl ag s mut a nd l oose s mut i n w heat, b arley a nd o ats. Insect Control Rancona C c ontains t he i nsecticide, c ypermethrin, w hich k eeps w eevils a nd i nsects o f s tored g rain a t b ay d uring g rain s torage. Seed safety Rancona C s hows s uperior s eed s afety w hen c ompared w ith o ther t riazole s eed t reatments w ith n o n egative e ffects o n t he s eedling c oleoptile l ength. T his c an i mprove e mergence a nd e arly p lant v igour. Unique micro-emulsion formulation The R ancona C m icro-emulsion f ormulation p rovides g reater fl exibility f or u sers o ffering e asier a pplication, e xceptional s eed fl ow o f s eed t hrough m achinery, e asier c leandown o f e quipment a nd r educed d ust o ff. The s pecially f ormulated m icro-emulsion h as s uperior a dherence t o s eed, c ompared t o o ther s eed t reatment f ormulations r esulting i n l ow d ust p otential a nd t herefore d oes n ot r ub o ff d uring s ubsequent h andling. Comparison of dust test measurements Dust l evels g /100 k g Rancona C Tebuconazole T Triadimenol UTC 1.2 1.0 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 Study: ES09/34.2009 Coleoptile length as a percentage of untreated control Percentage 100 75 50 25 0 ( Rancona C Coleoptile Test_July_2007) Percentage control of bunt in wheat compared to the untreated control (average of 5 trials) (Trials: NSW_04_432/Crompton/04/02a-4, NSW_04_4325/Crompton/04/02a-5, Vic_05_Holloway, WA_05_CRP_004-05, Vic_06_PLH031) Rancona C Triticonazole 99.42% 48.76% Tebuconazole T Rancona C Difenconazole + metalaxyl-m Triticonazole 25g Untreated control


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