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1. GS13-02TRI-ST Crop Care - Tri-Power - Page 1 Seed Treatment with Grunt TRI-POWER® Feature Benefit Controls damping-off and provides excellent activity against Rhizoctonia bare patch Healthier seed, seedling and root system Contains flutriafol Highly soluble, highly systemic triazole ideal for use as a seed treatment with excellent translocation and activity on smut and bunt Contains imidacloprid Proven industry performer against sucking pests, ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Only Seed Treatment on the market to contain 2 fungicides and an insecticide Easy to use formulation, no additional mixing of actives is required Highly visible RED liquid Clearly identifies treated seed compared with untreated, for ease of identification Features and Benefits Name TRI-POWER Seed Treatment Description Seed Treatment for the control of various seed and soil bourne diseases and insect pests in cereals • Product Type Seed Treatment • Chemical Group and Mode of Action Group 4A insecticide Group 3 and 4 fungicides • Pack Sizes 10L and 100L Crop Registrations TRI-POWER Seed Treatment is registered in wheat, barley, oats and triticale. SEED TREA TMENT Diseases and Pests Controlled In wheat and barley,TRI-POWER controls damping-off ( Pythium irregulare ) and provides excellent efficacy against Rhizoctonia bare patch ( Rhizoctonia solani ). TRI-POWER offers highly effective smut and bunt control in wheat, barley, oats and triticale, and provides invaluable protection against feeding damage caused by wheat aphid and corn aphid, protecting against the spread of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). Aphids & BYDV Flag Smut Rhizoctonia Bare Patch Loose Smut Pythium Covered Smut Control Control Suppression Control Control Control Control

2. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Tri - Power 400mls Dividend 130mL Dividend 260 mL Untreated Trial: 090273 K. Adams, Ag risearch Plants/ mt row 2.21 1.89 1.76 1.81 1.75 1.64 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 TriPower 400mls Dividend 260mls Untreated Grain yield ( T/ha ) Wheat Westonia Barley Stirling M. Sumner,Peracto, WA No noticeable disease Small amount of aphids Barley @ Bakers Hill, WA Wheat @ Toodyay WA GS13-02TRI-ST Crop Care - Tri-Power - Page 2 Trial Results Application: 400ml/100kg Apply neat, or dilute with water to a total volume of 600ml (product + water) per 100kg seed. Ensure even and thorough coverage of the seed. Witholding Periods Harvest: Not required when used as directed Grazing: Do not graze or cut for stock food within 9 weeks of sowing TRI-POWER is a registered trademark of Crop Care Australasia. Dividend® is a registered trademark of Syngenta ©Copyright 2013 Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd ACN 061 362 347 Before using, always read the product label. Contact your local Crop Care distributor for further information. Customer service Australia-wide: 1800 111 454 www.cropcare.com.au TRI-POWER demonstrates excellent crop safety, with superior emergence in Rhizoctonia infected soil compared with Dividend ® TRI-POWER’s control of Damping-off (Pythium irregulare), excellent activity on smut and bunt and sucking pests, and robust activity on Rhizoctonia bare patch ensures the seedling gets off to the best start possible, maximizing yield potential Seed Treatment with Grunt TRI-POWER® SEED TREA TMENT


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