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1. BTB/LM2496 Product Guide www.seednet.com.au

4. www.seednet.com.au Seednet Partners QLD Galleon Grains Emerald 07 4984 6141 Associated Grain Dalby 07 4662 1999 Woods Seeds Goondiwindi 07 4670 0400 NSW Grainland Moree 02 6752 1511 Agrigrain Narromine 02 6889 2200 Auswest Seeds Forbes 02 6852 1500 Hart Bros Seeds Junee 02 6924 7206 Superior Seed Co Deniliquin 03 5881 6689 VIC Baker Seed Co Rutherglen 02 6032 9484 AGF Seeds (Highleaze) Smeaton 03 5345 6262 Wimmera Grain Co Rupanyup 03 5385 5344 TAS Roberts Limited Carrick 03 6393 6060 SA Colrae Seeds Callington 08 8538 5017 Aust Milling Group (NYP) Kadina 08 8821 4855 RH Verner & Co Mallala 08 8520 2182 Booleroo Centre Seeds Booleroo Centre 08 8667 2286 Minnipa Ag Centre Minnipa 08 8680 6206 Modra Seeds Ungarra 08 8688 8094 WA MultiSeed Productions Esperance 08 9071 1053 EDSCO Kellerberrin 08 9045 4036 Australian Seed & Grain Moora 08 9651 1069 Seednet National Office Corner Jeparit Road & Western Highway PO Box 17, Dimboola VIC 3414 P: 03 5389 0150 F: 03 5389 1121 E: admin@seednet.com.au Territory Sales Agronomists Queensland & Northern NSW Jon Thelander 0429 314 909 jon.thelander@seednet.com.au Central & Southern NSW Robert Gill 0428 122 465 robert.gill@seednet.com.au Victoria & Tasmania Blair McCormick 0417 891 546 blair.mccormick@seednet.com.au South Australia & Western Australia Sam Densley 0417 891 436 sam.densley@seednet.com.au BTB/LM2496 Seednet Enquiries

2. New Wheat Varieties • Established AH wheat in VIC, SA, southern NSW & WA Yitpi Milling Wheat Range • Stem rust resistant, AH alternative to Yitpi in VIC & SA Catalina • High yielding APW for medium rainfall zones in SA Guardian • High yielding rust resistant ASW for long growing seasons Sentinel 3R • High quality milling wheat with excellent grazing potential EGA Wedgetail • APH wheat with Black point resistance for QLD & northern NSW Lang • APH wheat for central and southern QLD EGA Hume • APH wheat for central and southern QLD Petrie • Mid maturity, good straw strength, excellent grain quality durum for QLD, northern NSW & SA Capraroi Durum Wheat Range • Very quick maturity durum with excellent grain quality for QLD & northern NSW Jandaroi • New high yielding mid-long season white grain wheat with milling market potential Preston Feed Wheat Range • Early forage production, awnless white grain Brennan • BYDV resistant, awnless red grain Mackellar • Mid to long season, awnless red grain Rudd • Long season, awnless red grain Tennant • High yielding long season variety • APW classification in VIC, upgrade pending in SA and southern NSW • Resistant to all three rusts and Yellow leaf spot • First Australian wheat variety with resistance/tolerance to Wheat streak mosaic virus Forrest Long season APW wheat • Mid to long season maturity • Large grain size, low screenings • Good resistance to WA rusts • Eligible for APWN grade LRPB Envoy APW wheat for WA This symbol indicates that a variety is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR). All Seednet varieties are protected by PBR. Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material is an infringement under the PBR Act (1994).

3. • Newly accredited FOOD grade, early maturity, high yield, plump grain Hindmarsh Barley Variety Range • Mid maturity malting barley for WA, SA, VIC & southern NSW Buloke • Excellent malt quality barley for VIC , southern NSW (& WA) Baudin • New quick maturity northern variety with large grain size and good straw strength Shepherd • Very quick maturity feed variety for northern regions Grout • Malt barley for long growing seasons in northern region Fitzroy • New benchmark northern desi chickpea with Ascochyta blight and Phytophthora resistance PBA HatTrick Pulse Variety Range • New southern and western region desi chickpea with excellent Ascochyta blight resistance PBA Slasher • Established northern region desi chickpea Flipper • Northern region desi chickpea with high level of Phytophthora resistance Yorker • Central QLD desi chickpea (no resistance to Ascochyta blight) Moti • Large grain size kabuli chickpea for medium-high rainfall regions Almaz • Late flowering, shatter resistant, semi leafless field pea Kaspa • Foliar disease resistant and low lodging risk faba bean Nura • Late flowering narrow leaf lupin Jindalee New Barley Variety • Mid maturity, medium-tall plant type • Good tolerance to Imidazolinone herbicide (registration pending) • Undergoing malt evaluation Scope Imi-tolerant feed barley New Pulse Varieties • Early flowering and early maturing shatter resistant, semi leafless field pea • For short season environments or yield potential less than 1.5t/ha PBA Twilight Kaspa type field pea • Early and long flowering shatter resistant, semi leafless field pea • For low and medium rainfall regions where yield potential greater than 1.5t/ha PBA Gunyah Kaspa type field pea • Small red lentil with Ascochyta blight and Botrytis resistance Nipper • Large green lentil with good early vigour and tall plant height Boomer Lentils Chickpeas Other


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