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CropScan 1000B Brochure

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1. Contact: Tel: 612 9771 5444 Email: sales@nextinstruments.net Web: www.nextinstruments.net CropScan Model 1000B Whole Grain Analyser CropScan 1000B is a Near Infrared Transmission Analyser designed to measure protein, oil, starch and moisture in whole grains of wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, canola., corn and soybeans. An optional test weight module is available for the CropScan 1000B. The CropScan 1000B uses a diode array spectrometer to scan the wavelength region, 720 - 1100nm. Within this region of the NIT spectrum, protein, moisture, oil and starch absorb NIR energy. Grain is poured into a 500ml sample cup. A blade is inserted across the grain and the excess grain is poured out. The blade is removed from the cup and the 500ml of grain is poured into the sample hopper. The grain is metered through the optical chamber where the NIT spectra are collected and stored in memory. The average of between 10 and 30 spectra are used to compute the percentage protein, oil and moisture. The grain falls into the sample cup which is located on a load cell. The weight of the 500ml of grain is recorded and displayed along with the protein, oil and moisture. Australian designed and manufactured Features Benefits NIR Transmission Technology Same NIR technology as used throughout world grain trading Flow Through Sampling System Rapid and simple to use Optional Test Weight Module Provides Hectolitre weight measurement Diode Array optics Unaffected by vibration Independent of orientation Rugged, stable and compact Internal Computer keyboard, LCD Stores calibrations and predicts constituents onto a LCD Save results using alpha numeric characters RS232 Serial Port, USB Memory Provides a convenient method of uploading stored data to a PC or to download calibrations to the instrument Small footprint Requires less bench space Specifications Scan range 720 - 1100 nm Constituents Up to 6 constituents displayed including protein, moisture, oil and test weight Pixels 38 Scan speed 2 - 4 seconds Power 110/240VAC, 18VDC Weight and dimension 12kg, 330mm(W) *300mm(D)* 400mm(H) Certified under the NMI Pattern Approval for Protein Measurement.


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