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CropScan Loren 1000G Brochure

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1. Contact: Tel: 612 9771 5444 Email: sales@nextinstruments.net Web: www.nextinstruments.net CropScan Loren 1000G On Farm Analyser The CropScan Loren 1000G On Farm Analyser is designed to provide farmers with a reliable means of measuring protein, moisture and oil in wheat, barley and canola. The CropScan Loren 1000G uses a diode array spectrometer to scan the wavelength region, 720 - 1100nm. Within this region of the NIR spectrum, protein, moisture, oil and starch absorb NIR energy. Light from a tungsten halogen lamp passes through a sample of grain. The light is dispersed across a silicon photodiode diode array detector to produce a NIT spectrum. The amount of light absorbed across the NIT spectrum is proportional to the concentration of the protein, moisture, oil and starch. Grain is poured into the funnel where it is metered through the optical chamber. The NIT spectra are collected and the average of 10 spectra is used to compute the percentage protein and moisture or oil and moisture in the grains. The grains fall into the sample cup at the bottom of the analyser. Australian designed and manufactured Features Benefits NIR Transmission Technology Same NIR technology as used throughout world grain trading Flow Through Sampling System Rapid and simple to use Solid State Optics Rugged, stable and compact Four Button Keypad Simple to use Built - in Auto - calibration Software Calibration adjustments can be performed using a single test sample Internal Computer, Keyboard, LCD Stores up to 6 product calibrations and displays 2 constituents onto a LCD RS232 Serial Port Provides a convenient method of downloading calibrations to the instrument Transportable Suitable for use in a ute, a tractor or combine and in the farm house Specifications Scan Range 720 - 1100nm Constituents Protein and Moisture, Oil and Moisture Pixels 38 Scan Speed 1 - 2 seconds per pixel, 30 - 60 seconds Power 110/240VAC, 12VDC Weight and Dimensions 8Kg, 220mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 230mm(H) The CropScan Loren 1000G can be run from a 12VDC car battery or 110/240VAC mains power. The system is housed in a rugged polyurethane case. An optional carry case is available.


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