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1. CropScan Model 2000H On Header Analyser Features Benefits NIR Transmission Technology Same NIR technology as used throughout world grain trade Remote Display Module Provides real time data and displays plus data storage Broad Spectral Range, 720 - 1100nm Multiple constituent analysis Optimum calibration development PLS calibrations 1st and 2nd derivative spectral data Qualitative and quantitative analysis Diode Array Optics Unaffected by vibration Independent of orientation Rugged, stable and compact RS232 Serial and USB Port Provides a convenient method of uploading stored data to a PC or to download calibrations to the instrument Rugged Industrial Enclosure Suitable for in field and at line use Dust proof Specifications Scan Range 720 - 1100nm Pixels 38 Analysis Speed 6 - 10 seconds per analysis Power 110/240VAC, 19VDC Physical NIR Spectrometer 9Kg, 200mm(W) x300mm(D) x120mm(H) Sampling Head 5Kg, 250mm(W)x350mm(D)x100mm(H) The CropScan 2000H is a powerful Near Infrared spectrophotometer capable of measuring protein and moisture in wheat and barley, oil and moisture in canola, protein, oil and moisture in soybean and corn. The instrument consists of a NIR Spectrometer, a Remote Sampling Device and a Remote Display Module. The NIR Spectrometer is mounted inside the cabin of the header. The Remote Sampling Device is mounted on the clean grain elevator and is connected to the NIR Spectrometer using a Fibre Optic Cable. Grain falls through a hole in the upside of the clean grain elevator and into the Remote Sampling Device, where a sample of grain is trapped in a sample cell. NIR light passes through the grains and is transmitted back to the spectrometer via the fibre optic cable, where the NIR spectrum is generated and the percent protein, oil and moisture are calculated. The Remote Display Screen displays real time protein and moisture data in either tabular form or as a “On the go” paddock map. Data is stored on board for uploading to a PC for developing more sophisticated paddock maps. Australian designed and manufactured Contact: Tel: 612 9771 5444 Email: sales@nextinstruments.net Web: www.nextinstruments.net


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